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Wholey Milk is a World-First Fresh Milk, produced by the Haelen method



Our purpose at Naturo is to provide wellness through our food products. We believe everyone should have access to good quality food, no matter where they are in the world. It is this belief that drives our innovation, feeds our determination and seals our commitment to be the very best at what we do.

At the heart of this purpose is a lesson learnt from childhood. Our founder Jeff Hastings, grew up in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the 70s/80s with his family. Originally from NZ where all Kiwi kids were given a bottle of fresh, healthy milk every day at primary school, Jeff realized later in life just what a privilege that was and how great it would be if other kids, like the ones in PNG and so many other countries around the world, surviving on poor diets, could get the same healthy start to life with bottles of fresh, healthy milk to drink.

The food supply chain problem is, standard pasteurized milk has only a 14 day shelf life, which means many countries can’t access fresh milk prior to it spoiling. So Jeff & his wife Kathy, who was born and raised on a Queensland dairy farm, set out to solve the problem.

A decade on, the world-first patented “Haelen” technology was born and is now being used to produce ‘Wholey Milk’ branded products for consumers.


Wholey Milk is a great tasting fresh milk that has four distinct advantages over normal milk that has undergone pasteurization.

Shelf Life Advantage

The Haelen (means “Whole, Heal & Health) process kills more pathogens than pasteurisation. A significant advantage of this more effective treatment of pathogens is that the milk, refrigerated at 4˚C, remains safe for longer. We estimate a commercial shelf life of up to 60 days versus approximately 14 days which is generally acceptable with pasteurization. This allows Wholey Milk to reach the 4 corners of the world…….via sea freight, paving the way for new market access, reduced waste & supply chain solutions.

Easier to Digest

A recent week long consumer trial of 161 consumers included 57 respondents that normally encounter an adverse reaction when drinking cow’s milk. Of these, 63% found that Wholey Milk eliminated or reduced this reaction. The Haelen process is a more gentle process and treats the natural whey proteins in a different way to a high-heat process such as pasteurisation, making the milk easier to digest. This allows consumers who typically cant or chose not to drink cows milk to once again enjoy the great taste of fresh milk.

Nutritionally Superior

Wholey Milk is nutritionally superior to all other processed milks primarily because it retains some of the vitamins, proteins and enzymes that naturally occur in milk, that are either destroyed or denatured by the pasteurisation process. The pasteurization process involves heating milk to approx. 72.5˚C/162.5˚F for 15 seconds. This in effect “cooks” the milk which kills the majority of pathogens rendering the milk safe for human consumption, but it also reduces much of the nutritional value as well.

Tastes Advantage

Apart from its ease of digestion and high nutritional value, Wholey Milk is also a great tasting fresh milk with a pure creamy texture and natural colour, more akin to raw milk straight from the cow. Common reactions from our consumers that have tasted the milk produced at the pilot manufacturing facility include:
“Wow, that takes me back to my childhood”
“It’s just like we used to drink straight out of the vat”
“That’s the best milk I have ever tasted”

Wholey Milk – Digestion & Consumer Trial Testimonials

After participating in our consumer digestion trials, these are some of our participants testimonial videos, providing us with their comments and thoughts regarding the week drinking Wholey Milk.



WHOLEY MILK™ – Fresh milk produced using the novel Haelen method. To be available in 1L, 750mL & convenient 250mL single serve.

The Wholey Milk Company plans to release its first consumer products to the Australian market later in 2022, and then expand into export markets in 2023.

To find out when it will be available in store, please follow us on social media.


Mooka is like no other cows milk. Mooka is fresh, creamy & delicious, 100% natural, 100% milk and the perfect drink for our little ones transitioning to cows’ milk from breast milk or formula. We leave the good bits in that are needed for toddler development & make it easier for them to digest & transition.

Our Mooka branded milk will be conveniently packaged in individual serving sizes, perfect for when you’re on the move.

Mooka is due to be released in 2023.


The Haelen Method is the biggest breakthrough in the global milk industry since pasteurisation in 1864! Producing 100% natural fresh milk –  up to 60 days fresh chilled shelf life, no additives or preservatives, nutritionally superior, easier to digest and retains its natural colour and taste like its straight from the cow.



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